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Horses 5 & Up
For more information 
contact Andy Kocher

@ (205) 523-3088
X Rays Available 
Upon Request


Belia Terranova.jpg

2010 Mare

Carthino Z x Argus

Let It Fly Lexus

Coming Soon In White_edited.jpg

2011 Gelding

Limbus x Corrado I

Mom's Eye Candy

Mom's Eye Candy Left Side.JPG

2017 Gelding

Carpe Diem x Eltish

Optimist Van Het Beetjen

Optimist Left Side.JPG

2014 Gelding

Dieu Merci Van T&L x Feinschnitt I Van De Richter


Sarge 2022 Left Side.JPG

2019 Gelding

Diamant's Legacy x Nabab De Reve

Altezza Du Jardin

Altezza Tryon.JPEG

2010 Mare

Luciano x Prince Du Logis

Jolene II

Jolene II Ireland_edited_edited.jpg

2018 Mare

Unknown x Merllyns Tiger Lilly


Toronto Left Side.JPG

2015 Gelding

Cristallo I x Quidam De Revel

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