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Live Stallions

Available For 2023
Raw Semen Available On Farm
Cooled Semen Available To Ship


Tamerino Left Side.JPG

Qui Dandy Windsor Z

Qui Dandy Windsor Z Left Side.JPG
Qui Dandy Windsor Z Head Shot From Cloverlone.JPG


Voltaire X Bianca III X Landgraf I

Jumped 2010 and 2014 World Equestrian Games 

Jumped 2015 Pan American Games 

Winner 1.50 CSI4* Munster

Brother To 1.60 Jumper Stuart By Calando I

Approved BWP, SBS, AWR

Approximately 20 Mares Pregnant in 2022 

Multiple Teenage Mares Checked In Foal For 2022

Stands at 17 Hands 

Qui Dandy Windsor Z

Quidam De Revel X Crocodile Cassina X Cassini II

Injured As A Young Horse No Jumping Results

Related To Casall ASK, Capone I, and Crocodile Dandy

History Of Getting Mares Pregnant

Stands At 16.3 Hands 

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