Breeding & Young Horses



Transitioning talented show jumpers

into new careers...

Andy Kocher turned lemons into lemonade when he started his breeding program. The idea was first sparked when two of his top performing Grand Prix mares became injured. When it became evident the mares would not make it back to the same level of sport, Kocher transitioned them into careers as broodmares. The small endeavor quickly grew as Kocher developed a strong passion for the breeding industry. Kocher stock now includes everything from breeding stallions, embryos, and mares in foal to yearlings, 2-year-olds, and beyond.


As Kocher's involvement in the breeding industry grew, he quickly became frustrated by expensive fees for unreliable frozen semen and ICTSY breeding. So, he began acquiring and standing his own stallions. 

He's also acquired frozen semen from some of the industry's most successful and respected stallions, with some available for purchase in his online shop. Contact Andy Kocher for additional information on pricing and availability.

Broodmares and Young Horses
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To inquire about available broodmares, foals, yearlings, and 2- and 3-year-olds contact Andy Kocher. A select catalogue of broodmares and young horses is also listed online